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Warren’s 12 Ways to Study the Bible

As a pastor, you long to see your congregation dig into all of the treasures in God’s Word. You know that within the pages of the Bible your congregation will find everything it needs to grow spiritually. But how can you help them get more from the Bible? In his book Bible Study Methods, Rick … Continue reading

To Preach Better, Collect More

One of the most helpful habits you can develop as a preacher is to become a collector. I’ve been a “collector” for years, and it has made my preaching much more effective. I’m not talking about a hobby. I’m talking about constantly being on the lookout for items that can be helpful for your messages.  … Continue reading

Tips for Preaching to the Un-churched

In terms of seeing radical life changes in individuals, nothing can take the place of Spirit-anointed preaching. The message is still the most important element of a worship service for the unchurched. Saddleback’s growth – in spite of hot gymnasiums, cold tents, and crowded parking – has shown that people will put up with a … Continue reading

Flavoring Up Your Sermons

The Bible says in Colossians 4:6 (RSV), “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt.” When you cook a meal, the flavoring is not the meat, but it sure makes the meat taste better. The same is true for your sermons.Chuck Swindoll says: “If you think that the gathering of biblical facts and standing … Continue reading

Free Rick Warren Sermons

Here are over one year’s worth of Pastor Rick Warren’s powerful and timely sermon transcripts available in a DOWNLOADABLE FORMAT FREE OF CHARGE. No matter where you serve, we hope these messages will bless and inspire you to be a more effective preacher for life change. Read more… HT: Pastors.com

Why Preaching Matters

The bigger the church gets the more important the pulpit becomes because it is the rudder of the ship. Where else do you get an hour of undivided attention with all these people on a weekly basis? Most pastors do not understand the power of preaching. But even more important than that is they don’t … Continue reading

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