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Ed Young – Back to the Basics


Tim Keller Speaks at Authers@Google

Pastor Tim Keller recently spoke at an event on the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. He shared on his book The Reason for God and took Q&A at the end. Wonderfully intellectual and grace-filled presentation of the reasons for God. Watching this will benefit your own preaching.

Easter Media

As you read this, your Easter service is probably right around the corner. While you may not have time to create a video of your own in the next week or so, there are a lot of great Easter resources available for download. In 10 minutes you can find the right video, download it, and … Continue reading

How Young is Too Young to Preach?

Check out this video on a couple of child preachers. How do you feel about it? How do you feel about what the ‘Religion Professor’ says at the end?

State of the American Pulpit Today

What Do You Ask Yourself When Preparing to Preach

Chandler’s Advice for Preachers

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