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How Andy Stanley Outlines a Message

This outlining method is built around the communicator’s relationship with the audience rather than content. After all, the way we organize material on paper is very different from how we process information in a conversation. (Try outlining a conversation with your spouse.) For that reason, this method allows the message to retain a conversational quality. … Continue reading

Tips for Preaching to the Un-churched

In terms of seeing radical life changes in individuals, nothing can take the place of Spirit-anointed preaching. The message is still the most important element of a worship service for the unchurched. Saddleback’s growth – in spite of hot gymnasiums, cold tents, and crowded parking – has shown that people will put up with a … Continue reading

Sharing the Teaching Load

Pastor Rick is convinced his church needs him to preach every weekend. In fact, he hasn’t missed a service in four years. Though pastors like Rick don’t realize it, their inability to share the teaching load creates long-term challenges for themselves—and their church’s evangelistic impact.   Read more… by, Tony Morgan

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