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10 Tips to Get Ready for Sunday

If you are preaching this Sunday, take 30 minutes and do this today: 1) Read your text out loud. 2) Stand up and walk around while reading your text out loud. 3) Read your text in at least five different translations. 4) Take three minutes and jot down five questions about your text. 5) Pick … Continue reading

To Preach Better, Collect More

One of the most helpful habits you can develop as a preacher is to become a collector. I’ve been a “collector” for years, and it has made my preaching much more effective. I’m not talking about a hobby. I’m talking about constantly being on the lookout for items that can be helpful for your messages.  … Continue reading

Setting a Preaching Schedule

In light of the New Year I wanted to share some advice with fellow preachers. One of the best things a preacher can do to improve their preaching ministry is to plan out what they are going to preach at least a year in advance. This allows the preacher to begin their research and study … Continue reading

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