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Sobering Stats About Pastors

At the 2006 Reform and Resurge Conference in Seattle, Pastor Darrin Patrick from The Journey in Saint Louis (www.journeyon.net) spoke frankly of the burden that pastoral ministry is. He presented the following statistics, which he gathered from such organizations as Barna (www.barna.org), Maranatha Life (www.maranathalife.com) and Focus on the Family (www.family.org). Pastors Fifteen hundred pastors … Continue reading

Driscoll’s Sermon Prep and Reading Habits

These are some notes from the final session at the National Resurgence Conference 2008: Text and Context. Mark studies all the time, but doesn’t get around to official sermon prep until Thursday mornings. He enters the pulpit on Sundays (he preaches 5 times each Sunday) with his sermon only one-third to two-thirds prepared. He comes … Continue reading

Text and Context Conference at Mars Hill Available via Live Streaming

As you probably know by now, the National Resurgence Conference 2008 Text & Context is only a few days away and it is sold out. However, whether you’re a poor student who couldn’t afford to make it, you simply didn’t register in time or you’re a member of the “pajama-hadin,” I have a happy announcement … Continue reading

Reflections on Preaching

In the past few years, Preaching Today has been kind enough to transcribe some of my sermons and send those transcripts, along with the audio recordings, to their subscribers. The first one they sent out was part of the Ecclesiastes series I preached a few years back. The most recent issue includes a sermon I … Continue reading

How Important is it to Understand the People You Preach to?

Why Mars Hill Uses the ESV

However, the elders at Mars Hill Church have decided that we should transition from the NIV to the English Standard Version (ESV) as our primary pulpit translation. Some people may have questions about why this shift was made. This paper is my pastoral attempt to give a brief overview of the theological and practical issues … Continue reading

Setting a Preaching Schedule

In light of the New Year I wanted to share some advice with fellow preachers. One of the best things a preacher can do to improve their preaching ministry is to plan out what they are going to preach at least a year in advance. This allows the preacher to begin their research and study … Continue reading

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