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Andy Stanley – How to Give a Talk


9 Keys to Successful Sermon Prep

Thom Rainer discusses the 9 keys for successful sermon preparation: Make it a priority Determine your comfort level with planning in advance Let your congregation know of the priority Put it in your calendar Allocate 20% more time than you think you will need Allocate your time according to your study plan: reading the text, draft, … Continue reading

Free Online Seminars on Calvinism

Desiring God has shared 6 teaching videos on the doctrine of Calvinism and TULIP.  Check them out here. The Bible gives us a glorious vision of God’s sovereignty in saving sinners. “Calvinism” is a kind of nickname for this Christian body of doctrine on salvation that so appropriately humbles humanity and so magnificently exalts divine … Continue reading

J.I. Packer’s Advice to New Pastors

From World Magazine, J.I. Packer’s advice to new pastors: You have three priorities: teach, teach, and teach. Evangelical churches are weaker than we realize because we don’t teach the confessions and doctrine. Set new standards in teaching. Understand the word catechesis, and practice that art. (HT: Justin Buzzard)

8 Reasons for Biblical Preaching

In the second of three articles in his series An Appeal to All Pastors: Why and How Should We Preach, Sam Storms gives us eight reasons why pastors should be committed to biblical preaching. We must preach because of the power of the Word of God to change human lives and to transform the experience of the … Continue reading

Identifying Reliable Preachers

5 Questions to Ask from 9Marks: Question 1 (Sola Scriptura): Does the preacher ground everything he says in the Bible? Does he, in other words, begin with the authority and sufficiency of Scripture? Question 2 (Sola Gratia): Does the preacher freely emphasize that because of sin, a right relationship with God can only be established … Continue reading

Finding Illustrations Everywhere

Loved this post from Mark Batterson: I just started reading What the Dog Sawby Malcolm Gladwell. Love the way he writes. And I love his philosophy of writing. “Our instinct as humans is to assume that most things are not interesting. But if you want to be a writer, you have to fight that instinct … Continue reading

13 Tips to Avoid Voice Strain

The Resurgence is starting a series of posts on “The Preacher’s Voice.”  The first installment was about preventing strain on your voice.  Here are some tips: Rise early and drink warm liquid, such as water with fresh lemon juice. Do not have a large meal before speaking. Exercise early and lightly on the day of … Continue reading

5 Ways to Effectively Conclude a Sermon

“The conclusion should not merely recapitulate your sermon—it should apply it. Obviously, you should be applying all along, but you should keep something for the end which will prevail upon your people to take action. “No summons, no sermon.” Preach through the head to the heart (i.e. the will). The goal of the sermon should … Continue reading

Tim Keller on Preaching v. Shepherding and Leading

I have often seen many men spend a great amount of time on preparing and preaching lengthy, dense, expository messages, while giving far less time and energy to the learning of leadership and pastoral nurture. It takes lots of experience and effort to help a body of people make a unified decision, or to regularly … Continue reading

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