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13 Tips to Avoid Voice Strain

The Resurgence is starting a series of posts on “The Preacher’s Voice.”  The first installment was about preventing strain on your voice.  Here are some tips:

    1. Rise early and drink warm liquid, such as water with fresh lemon juice.
    2. Do not have a large meal before speaking.
    3. Exercise early and lightly on the day of preaching.
    4. Do not nap before public speaking.
    5. Stay calm and avoid strain the night before preaching.
    6. Do some light public speaking before preaching.
    7. Pronounce words clearly and distinctly; mispronounced words cause strain.
    8. Keep room temperature water with you and sip throughout preaching.
    9. Do not force excitement; let it come naturally.
    10. Adequately test the PA system before preaching.
    11. Do not use excessive bass in the PA system.
    12. Change up your pace during the message.
    13. Rest your voice after preaching


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