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Pastors as Story Tellers

Stories move people.  They transform facts into fascination and data into delight.  Jesus was a story teller.  And preachers should be story tellers. A recent Forbes article addressed this…

…storytelling can be the most powerful way for a chief executive to sketch a vision and align people behind it.

Explanatory talk and statistics appeal to the intellect, but people aren’t inspired by reason alone. Compelling stories convey loads of information while also appealing to our emotions, ensuring that we not only listen, but get engaged and inspired.

Storytelling can be extremely effective at simplifying complexities. It can help us reveal and assess the assumptions, values and beliefs behind new ideas and connect them to our world. So a company’s mission is not just to sell more and better coffee; it is to share the passion that fills that cup.

Stories are easy to tell and easy to remember. Therefore they’re easy to spread. A leader can start a good story on its way and watch it take on a life of its own. As it does so, it creates a community.

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