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Preaching in the Present

Do you preach in the past or the present?  In a short article on Pastors.com Warren Wiersbe challenges preachers to preach he in the present.  He writes,

Too often, we treat the Bible like a museum and do all of our preaching in the past tense. The sermon is a history lesson instead of an exciting encounter with the living truth. We are guides in a museum, dusting off the artifacts and explaining the exhibits. And while we are lecturing, our people are saying to themselves, “We wish we could go someplace where things are alive and real!”

To preach in the present Warren highlights 4 things:

  1. Identification – understand the world around you
  2. Perspective – see the past with present eyes
  3. Imagination – say old things in new ways
  4. The Holy Spirit – allow the Spirit to guide you

You can read more here.



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