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Engaging the Arts

Pastor and blogger Steve McCoy recently shared some of his notes from a talk he gave at the Band of Bloggers event at The Gospel Coalition conference.  Steve’s talk was on “Art and Culture in Christian Blogging.”

Here are some questions Steve posed that you can use to analyze your own engagement with the arts:

Have you attended an arts event or venue in the last six months? (live music concert, museum or gallery, play, dance performance, independent film, etc.)

Do you have a favorite art form that you particularly enjoy experiencing and learning about?

Do you occasionally attend different types of arts events/venues, besides your favorite?

Do you have a favorite artist or arts organization whose work you follow closely?

Do you ever spread the word about a particular arts event or artist?

Do you sometimes look through the Arts section in newspapers or magazines?

Have you financially supported an arts organization or artist (outside of purchasing tickets) in the last year?

Do you know an artist, are you involved in his/her life, and are you actively supporting his/her career?

The notes are wrapped up with a great quote.

…by Luci Shaw from her chapter “Imagination, Beauty, and Creativity” in The Christian Imagination (Ed. Leland Ryken)

“We were each, in the image of our Creator, created to create, to call others back to beauty, and the truth about God’s nature, to stop and cry to someone preoccupied or distracted with the superficial, ‘Look!’ or ‘Listen!’ when, in something beautiful and meaningful we hear a message from beyond us, and worship in holiness our creator who in his unlimited grace, calls us to become co-creators of beauty.”



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