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Easter Encouragement

Easter encouragement from Mark Batterson

1) Preach the Resurrection. If there ever was a weekend to clearly, persuasively, and unapologetically preach the resurrection it’s this week. Don’t get too clever. Don’t get too creative. Just preach with Spirit-filled conviction. I think the same holds true for worship. Sing resurrection songs! And we steer clear of introducing new songs on this week.

2) Be yourself. I know all of us hope and expect we have lots of guests. And the temptation is to try to be more than you are. I’d encourage you to be yourself. Keep it real. Keep it raw. And enjoy the day!

3) Laugh at the miscues. We want everything to go perfect this particular weekend don’t we? Trust me, it won’t. Most of us probably plan more for Easter than other services. And that’s fine. But at the end of the day, it is the presence of God that will impact people, not a perfect liturgy or homily. Wow. I just used two really traditional words in one sentence.

4) Expect some opposition. This hasn’t been the greatest week for me spiritually. Not sure why. I feel a little stressed. I feel a little pressed. But I have also felt like the enemy is coming against us. Should we expect anything less? I hope not. If the enemy ignored us that would be cause for concern. Pray through!

5) It’s all about God and His glory. Pastors, let’s personally and authentically celebrate the victory Jesus won over the grave. Get a little fired up! Get a little worked up!



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