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The Chief Storyteller

Mark Batterson of National Community Church writes,

The longer I serve as Lead Pastor of National Community Church the more I feel like one of my primary roles is that of Chief Storyteller.

I’m the keeper of stories. And it’s incredibly important to tell those stories as consistently and creatively as possible so they become part of our culture, part of our legend, part of our vision. That is especially true at NCC since we experience 40-50% turnover per year.

As a leader, you need to tell half a dozen stories over and over and over again! If you don’t, those genesis stories get buried in the subconscious of your congregation and you can easily forget where you come from and why you’re headed where you’re headed.

As the Chief Storyteller, you need to turn past experiences into metaphors for the future. Just as it’s God’s faithfulness in the past that gives us faith for the future, it is the defining moments in our past that give us vision for the future. Vision doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is stories of the past that frame visions for the future.

One of the primary places pastors act as Chief Storytellers is in preaching.  Preaching is the one time when the body of your church is sitting together united.  This is the place to share stories, cast vision, and instruct your people.



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