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Questions for Preachers

From Joe Thorn’s blog:

I have been mapping out my preaching for 2009. It’s a fun and intense process. I thought it would be interesting to hear from others on this subject. Follow up posts are coming. I will be asking for input as well as sharing some of my own perspectives near the end. Today, questions for the preacher. If you are not a preacher, hang on, the next set of questions are for you.

For those who preach regularly, 5 basic questions:

1. Do you favor exposition through books of the Bible, or thematic series?

2. Assuming the gospel is central in your preaching, what do your people need to hear the most at this stage in your church’s life right now?

3. How long are you willing to roll with one series/book of the bible? (6 months, 1 year, as long as it takes?)

4. How far in advance do you schedule your preaching?

5. What preachers do you listen to via podcast, MP3, CD, etc.?



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