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The Phrases Preachers Use

Have you ever noticed how certain people are remembered for their ‘go to’ phrases? Take Dick Vitale, the college basketball guru. He always says, “Yeah, baby!” Well one of the things I love to do is observe different speakers and leaders in the church. And it’s fascinating to me to see how often these guys go to their ‘go to’ phrases.

Rob Bell – “Um…um…um…” and “Are we trackin’?”
Andy Stanley says, “Isn’t it true…?”
Charles Stanley, always says, “Watch this…watch this…watch this….”
My dad – “Let me tell you…let me tell you….”
Bill Hybels – “Sort of…sort of…sort of…” and “Friends….”
Tommy Barnett – “Amen…amen…amen….”
Perry Noble – “Dude!”
Brian Houston – “Ah, church! Ah, church! The best is yet to be….”
Bishop T.D. Jakes – Nah…he’s too good. He doesn’t even need a ‘go to’ phrase!

But it’s even more humorous to look at my own. Lisa and the kids sat down one day and listed out my ‘go to’ phrases (during one of my messages!) So here are a few of those phrases I may have overused a time or two…

“Bling-bling, ca-ching, ca-ching.”
“Off the chain!”
“Over and over on the rotisserie grill of your mind.”
“Don’t tell me what you’re doing, tell me what you’re not doing.”
And of course….

“‘Hole ‘Nutha Level!”

from Ed Young Jr.

What are yours?  What sayings seem to attach themselves to your preaching?



One thought on “The Phrases Preachers Use

  1. “The point of the mater is….”

    Posted by Nick | April 19, 2008, 10:47 pm

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