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Inner Preacher

10 Relationship Questions for Pastors

Craig Groeschel, pastor of LifeChurch, poses 10 questions for pastors to consider about there relationships.

  1. Are the people closest to me in ministry lifting me higher or dragging me down?
  2. How have I intentionally developed the leaders around me in the past week?
  3. Am I speaking transparently with at least two other close trusted friends on a weekly basis?
  4. Am I submitting myself to the correction and coaching of at least two mentors?
  5. Am I holding a grudge against someone?
  6. Am I speaking well of other ministers?
  7. Am I falling for the temptation of comparing, complaining, criticizing or gossiping?
  8. Are my words and relationships characterized by words of faith or negativity?
  9. Do people enjoy being around me or am I often “down”?
  10. Have a made at least three new ministry friends in the last year?


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