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Driscoll’s Sermon Prep and Reading Habits

These are some notes from the final session at the National Resurgence Conference 2008: Text and Context.

  • Mark studies all the time, but doesn’t get around to official sermon prep until Thursday mornings. He enters the pulpit on Sundays (he preaches 5 times each Sunday) with his sermon only one-third to two-thirds prepared. He comes up with the introduction, conclusion, much of the body, the humor, and the cross references while he’s in the act of preaching.
  • “I’m always reading 40-50 books at a time…I don’t sit down and read a book…I read parts of books…I read very fast…I don’t know if I have a photographic memory, but it’s something like that…It doesn’t matter how much you read, provided you read the right stuff…If you’re an elder in a church, give your preachers a really good book budget…My elders have given me, basically, an unlimited book allowance.”

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